The Banger Music Hour rocks your face off each week, with a cornucopia of indie rock and metal from around the globe. Broadcasting straight out of the gritty airwaves of “Detroit Rock City”, The Banger Music Hour is hosted by syndicated talk show host John Lebang and co-hosted by Shady (Bangerverse). Together they support the rock music artists of the world one song at a time.

  Each new volume of the BMH is jam packed with the latest tunage, interviews and featured segments, including “Crank It or Jank It”, "The Double D", and Requests. Past episodes have also included interviews with Sponge (Detroit), Limberlost (Seattle), Rexoria (Sweden), The Dark Clouds (Australia), Prowess (North Carolina), Dead In 5 (Detroit) and many others.


  Also, songs featured during the Banger Music Hour are eligible for nomination in The Banger Music Awards. This is our annual celebration of independent rock music, and an extravaganza featuring presenters from all over the world with amazing indie rock music. The awards show is heard exclusively, live on Pure Rock Radio. 2021 Banger Music Awards air January 16th, 2020


  Tune in to experience the Banger Music Hour and rediscover your love for new music!  



John LeBang

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The Banger Music Awards are a celebration of independent music, artists, musicians, bands and radio. It features the rock stars of the future. In 2021 we will be celebrating our 4th BMA, exclusively on Pure Rock Radio. Nearly 70 songs will be up for awards from artists all over the world. The 2021 Banger Music Awards are slated to be the greatest celebration of indie music you'll ever experience. Please join us January 16, 2021 for the indie rock experience of the year.

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