The Breakfast Binge is hosted by Brandon Morningstar. This show brings to the forefront bands/musicians in the unsigned, unsigned to major label, independent & non-mainstream in the rock/metal genres.

  In addition for the 4 hours that the show broadcasts, you may or may not be overly familiar with what you hear, and there’s reasoning behind that. It’s because unlike corporate radio, this program tries to bring fresh music to the listener without frequent repetition. In other words, the same show or similar each day, because let’s face it, corporate radio prefer to be on proverbial hamster wheel of music to feature repetition daily.

  This show has received several positive compliments that basically encompass delightful unpredictability. It occasionally brings live or pre-recorded interviews from artists throughout the world who have been, or will be featured for the 1st time. The show and presenter pride themselves on being a supporter of independent music globally. This show is also unapologetic when it comes to content, because some of it may lean to the aggressive side or even to the mellow side. The bipolar rollercoaster of musical tempo is what makes the show stand out. So if you’re looking for a unique program that's quite different than corporate radio, come check out the show Monday through Friday!



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