Holly Fox is a well known metalhead hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. She has been in a couple bands Inmortis and Vakvnt as the front person, and a few small parts in other projects. She's been a DJ, spreading the darker side of metal for over 10 years! Plus some small, background, acting roles and documentary appearances. Holly also enjoys painting/drawing in her free time.

  Music has been an important part of her life as she worked in instrument, record and merch stores most of her adult life. "Pimping out the music" and supporting the local metal scene. She has made many connections over the years and became a respected member of the metal community from around the world.


  Diabolus Templum began in 2009, and Holly has had a unique and obscure following, as her taste in music is not often the most popular of metal. The average metalhead has no idea what most of what she plays is! But it is a great chance to introduce something new. DT's music can be very depressing, but the goal is to make sure people don't feel so alone in their darker days. Most of DT consists of Atmospheric Black Metal, but also raging angry Black Metal and some Oldschool Death Metal, Funeral Doom and Dark Ambient, occasionally some Thrash....anything dark and brooding sets the mood for DT. She likes to interview her fave artists and has a different approach of doing things.

DT is proud to be included in Pure Rock Radio's family and is looking forward to making shows for many moons to come.

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Holly Fox

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