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  Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Thomas latched onto heavy music at a very young age. While the kids were listening to the latest flash-in-the-pans that were always soon forgotten, Thomas was rocking the likes of Megadeth and RHCP while learning the multiplication tables. As the years went on, the tastes expanded, but the lust to find expansive and emotion-provoking heavy music continued to grow. After moving to the bustling megatropolis of Halifax, he soon became involved in the Maritime Metal scene. The wealth of musical tastes and knowledge found there, broadened his horizons even further. To pay homage to that, the scene both at home and across the country will always have a place on Evisceradio.

  As the dawn of the MP3 file loomed on the horizon, the obligation to collect music in a physical format remained strong. Besides, MP3's look like shit on the shelf! Something is lost in the digital file. So this show is 100% authentic, straight-from-the-cd-player broadcasting! Born from a desire to utilize an ever-growing collection of top shelf heavy music, and to serve as an additional expression of creativity/distraction from a busy career in the arts, Evisceradio was born out of necessity, as much as it was from inspiration. Hitting the mic with no radio experience, Thomas Brookes said fuck it, and went all in, by putting forth all his creative energy and disposable income into something that he has always had a passion for. Falling back on an audio engineering background, Evisceradio is designed to be a cut above the standard, both in content and production.

  Now, with a very promising career in the entertainment industry, the sky is truly the limit, and Evisceradio is the vessel in which all his enthusiasm for life can be delivered to you, in the hopes that it will add to your own. Satisfaction is the word of the day, and this passion project brings everything full circle. Take a listen. you will pick up what he's throwing down!



Thomas Brookes

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