2017 Rock Solid Pressure: Industry Showcase (Dec. 1st & 2nd, 2017)

December 1st (Alumni Bands)
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December 2nd (The New Blood)
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December 1st
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December 2nd
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The Rock Solid Pressure Show
w/J-Rock & Patty "The Radio Girl"
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DECEMBER 1st (Alumni Bands)
Doors at 5:00pm, Admission $12 (Advance) $14 (Doors)
All Ages

5:20pm: Opening Ceremonies (Meet the panelists)
5:30-5:55pm: AEGEA
6:05-6:30pm: SAHE
6:40-7:05pm: MURDER THE CROW
7:50-8:15pm: POLAR SUMMER
8:30-8:55pm: DARK SUMMER
9:05-9:30pm: SEVEN YEARS PAST
9:40-10:05pm: THE DOOD
10:15-10:40pm: THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE
10:50-11:15pm: FOR THOSE LIKE US
11:25-11:50: PSYCHOTRIBE

DECEMBER 2nd (The New Blood)

Doors at 12pm, Admission $12 (Advance) $14 (Doors) All Ages


1:00pm: Opening Ceremonies (Meet the panelists)
1:10-1:30pm: THE ACTUAL SITUATION (Clearwater)
1:40-2:00pm: STRANGER THAN FICTION (Seminole) 
2:10-2:30pm: HOSS (Lakeland)
2:40-3:00pm: NO POLITICS (New Port Richey)
3:10-3:30pm: MR. HANDSOME (Lakeland)
3:40-4:00pm: CRUEL CURSES (Clearwater)
4:10-4:30pm: BAD BLOOD (Tampa)
4:40-5:00pm: A BRILLIANT LIE (Orlando)
5:10-5:30pm: OXMOORE (Tampa)

(Dinner Break 5:30-6:00pm)

6:00-6:20pm: NEVERTEL (Tampa)
6:30-6:50pm: ITZ LYRIKAL (Clearwater)
7:00-7:20pm: THROATPUNCH (Tampa)
7:30-7:50pm: OTHERWORLD (Tampa)
8:00-8:20pm: FROM DARKNESS ARISE (Port Charlotte)
8:30-8:50pm: ARAKARA (Orlando)
9:00-9:20pm: A DYING LIGHT (Sarasota)
9:30-9:50pm: ESCAPE (Miami)
10:00-10:20pm: CHLOVER (Tampa)
10:30-10:50pm: TOGETHER IN EXILE (Port Richey)
11:00-11:20pm: DARK MATTER (Sarasota)




*This is a '2 Day' Showcase event to commemorate 15 years of the Industry Showcase

Over 30 bands  from around the State of Florida will tear it up at The State Theatre once again. They will perform for an Industry Panel that will consist of Record Label CEO's, Reps, and Industry Insiders. These are all ALUMNI bands from some of our BEST Showcases from the past..


MATT LaPLANT: Mega-Producer who is know worldwide for producing albums for BIELER BROTHERS, ROADRUNNER, ATLANTIC, and many many more. His landmark work with NONPOINT, SKINDRED, and hundreds of huge names, even JUSTIN BIEBER, makes Matt one of the most in demand Producers in the world. Matt always chooses some Showcase bands to work with every year. This will be Matt's 9th year on the panel. *Matt has had Showcase bands signed


THOM HAZAERT: A&R for EMP MUSIC GROUP (David Ellefson's label). Thom is one of the most well known figures in the Industry. He gained success at JIVE, WARNER BROS, INTERSCOPE, and lot's more. He was also behind the success of NONPOINT, LIMP BIZKIT, PAPA ROACH, and ton's more. Not to mention his status as a Radio Personality and Film Maker (Just google his name). Extremely excited to have Thom on the panel this year.

TIM McMURTRIE: CEO at TRIPSQUAD RECORDS: You all know Tim as the Guitarist for the legendary band M.O.D...His 'Tripsquad Productions' company launched Tim into the Industry stratosphere. His new label is looking to sign ROCK, METAL, PUNK, RAP, HIP HOP. Tim is also a Producer, Booking Agent, Venue Owner, and all around 'Big Dog' in the Music Industry. Extremely excited to have Tim on the panel this year 

NICK & JEN KATONA: CEO from MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS: MRR is probably the most well known 'Prog' label in the world. Artists include DDRIVE (featuring Lou Gramm, Phil Naro, Billy Sheehan), ANURYZM, MURKY RED, and many many more. This will be Nick and Jen's 7th year on the panel. *MRR has signed Showcase bands

RICK 'VOODOO' HERBERT: CEO from ACE HIGH PRINTING: One of the leading merch manufactirers in the Industry. Clients include KISS, KAMELOT, MADONNA, 5 FINGER DEATH PUNCH, and tons more. Rick also will give away an 'insane' merch package to a band of his choosing. Rick has been a regular panel member since 2010

STEPHANIE JENSEN: Former A&R for CHUCK D Presents SLAMJAMZ RECORDS: From working with giants in the Industry like Chuck D, to NOW launching her own TV series 'INFERNAL TV'. Stephanie is a fast moving player in this business. This will be Stephanie's first year on the panel.


BONUS for performing Bands:


*KELLY WALSH from STREET SMART MANAGEMENT: Kelly's clients include CENTURY MEDIA, PROSTHETIC, and many more labels. She is a former honcho at PROSTHETIC RECORDS. After resigning from Prosthetic. She is now free, and searching, to sign bands to 'Street Smart'. Which is quickly becoming one of the best Mgmt Agencies on the planet. Kelly will not be in attendance, but will review, and possibly sign, Showcase bands who's music fit's with Street Smart. This will be Kelly's 2nd year with the Showcase


*THOMAS 'SMITTY' SMITH: CEO from SP UNLIMITED: Huge name in the Industry. Former Sony / Live Nation. Currently deals with tons of labels like ATLANTIC, COLUMBIA, REPRISE, EPIC, FRONTIERS, ROADRUNNER, CLEOPATRA, WARNER BROS, RAT PAK, and many more. Smitty will not be in attendance, but will review Showcase bands who's music fit's with SP Unlimited. This will be Smitty's 2nd year with the Showcase.

*KENNY COLGATE from ECLIPSE RECORDS: Artists include SAINT DIABLO, MINDSHIFT, COLD SNAP, and lots more. Alimni includes MUSHROOMHEAD, SCUM OF THE EARTH, and lot's more. Kenny will not be in attendance, but will review, and possibly sign, Showcase bands who's music fit's with Eclipse.. This will be Kenny's 2nd year with the Showcase

*CARBON EAR PRESENTS: This company is run by some of the most well known promoters in the country. Carbon Ear will be awarding 2 bands a slot at one of their massive outdoor music festivals in Florida


*BIELER BROTHERS RECORDS signed the band LOOK RIGHT PENNY at the 2010 Showcase. Thanks to Matt LaPlant and Jason Bieler. Matt has also produced TONS of Showcase bands and moved their career forward

*MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS signed the band SUNSHINE & BULLETS at the 2013 Showcase. They also signed DRASTIC FALL at the 2014 Showcase.

*RETROSPECT RECORDS awarded the band '5 STAR HOOKER' a prime slot at ROCKLAHOMA at the 2015 Showcase. They awarded the band CODA CUTLASS a prime slot at ROCKLAHOMA at the 2016 Showcase

Showcase Bands have also received tons of press, tours, endorsements, and other cool things from playing this event.


Include ACE HIGH PRINTING, SINISTER GUITAR PICKS (CEO Joeseph Fortmuller has endorsed, and awarded custom packages to Showcase bands every year), REVERBNATION, COLDCOCK WHISKEY, HE SAID SHE SAID CATERING, APE PRODUCTIONS (Will award one band free studio time), A STEWART GRAPHICS (Each band will receive a custom 'live' shot of their performance), LOCALIZED MUSIC, PURE ROCK RADIO (Canada), SOUND COAST STUDIO'S, SURREAL MAKEUP, GENERATION ENTERTAINMENT.

Pure Rock Radio is proud to be a sponsor of this event!

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