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  I've listened to rock music since I was a lad, and the highlight of my week was hiding in my room, listening to (and taping - but don't tell anyone) Tommy Vance And The Friday Rock Show. I made it to my forties before deciding to hit the “airwaves,” after a conversation with the production manager at a local radio station.


  It's been a blast, and I'm loving getting to play loads of awesome music for people every week. My personal tastes are more in the Hard Rock/AOR and Bluesy Rock vein. I started off playing what people now call classic, but as I've discovered newer bands that sound classic... I play a lot of that too.


  I'm more than happy to give new bands a play too. I can't believe the amount of good rock music out there. One thing is for certain – ROCK AIN'T DEAD! I can't believe I've joined the ranks here at Pure Rock Radio. I feel like I've come home! Anyway... that's enough about me... I'll catch you on Keep It Rock With Dunk!


Dunk Mackellar

Dunk MacKellar

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