The Dude. The Myth. The Legend…. and a lot of f’n weed!!!

  Started back some 19 years ago back in June of 2001. Someone needed to flame the torch of the Eighties hair metal genre and there was one dude leading the march, “The Hair Apparent”… King Hesh. Dubbed the Kingdom Of Hesh.


  King Hesh also featured a sidekick, (cause what’s a king without his queen) Queen Hesh. She enlightened the listening audience with her witty, sarcastic and backhanded comments to the King, which he replied with, “Totally heinous dudes!” or ”Shut the fuck up bitch!!!!”, but the King overlooked her minor faults because of her two, humongous, voluptuous companions (yes, I mean her boobs!). Over the next five years King Hesh and Queen Hesh brought back the memories with classic hair metal to the masses each and every week with entertaining segments like “Heshology”, “Screaming For Priest”, “Queen Hesh’s BJ (bad joke) of the Week” among others including the “Triple Thrash Threat”, “Poon-Tang Playlist” and “Birthday Hesh Block”, which continue on to this day.

  King Hesh started the first few years with a two hour show, then it went to a four hour show (first two hours were recorded for podcast), last two weren’t, and in 2005 the show went to a three hour broadcast, in which the entire show was podcasted. Soon after that King Hesh realized three hours wasn’t enough, so for the live listeners on Friday night he gave them a special fourth hour called the “King Hesh After Party” (aka – King Hesh Night K.H.A.P.). And this continued until the end of 2013.

  Throughout the nineteen years King Hesh has constantly added many specialty formats to fit the time of the season. Many of these shows include the “Hesh-mas Christmas Special”, “July 4th Patriotic Metal” edition, “All Hesh Covers” Thanksgiving show, “Hesh-o-ween Halloween” special, among other themed shows like “Friday the 13th” edition, “Anti-Ballad Love Fest” to celebrate  Valentine’s Day, “Tribute To Dimebag”, “Obscure Hesh” show, and the end of the year “Thrash-Fest”, and other specials.

  Sadly, nothing stays the same forever, and around 2007-08 Queen Hesh bid her goodbyes to many of her devoted fans, but King Hesh forges on to carry the hair metal banner for all true 80’s metal heads.


After all he is… “The Hair Apparent”!



King Hesh

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