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The Metal Moose Radio Show plays the very best New Breed, Underground, Unsigned Up and Coming Bands/Artists, from all over the world! Nothing is of the table when spreading the love of Metal. The Metal Moose Radio Show began broadcasting from the Oklahoma in 2014 and now broadcasts out of the UK.


Boy Pain:


Is the new host of the Metal Moose Radio Show. After 22 years in the Military, finding something that continued to light the fire in his belly, Metal was the fuel. Boy Pain has been involved in music and radio for the last 4 years, cutting his teeth with his other show in the UK (The House Of Pain) before the opportunity to take over a well established show, highlighting the New Breed, Underground, Up and Coming Metal Artists. Boy Pain brings that love and passion, and drive for both music and radio to his show, in hopes you too continue to spread the love of Metal and Hard rock.


Boy Pain

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MONDAYS @ 8-10AM MT // 3-5Pm BST (GMT+1)

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