Back For The Attack!

It's been a long time coming my friends, but the time is among us! As many of you know, our old website was hacked a few months before our 15th Anniversary under the Pure Rock Radio name (18 if you count the first 3 years under a different name).

As luck would have it, we went through a major change at management and I am back to running things 100% by myself again, like I have for almost our entire run. That, combined with my health taking a turn for the worse, and my disability grabbing me by the bollocks, I've had to keep pushing and pushing the new website build off.

As you can see, the new website is up and it's chalk full of fun with more to come! Please be patient, as I am still working out a bunch of kinks (which comes with a completely new web build). I will be adding more features and fixing a few small glitches over the next few days.

For now, you should be able to use the Auto-Request section and choose tracks from our library to go immediately to our play queue and air in the order they come in. The new Request section has a Bunch of features to enjoy...eventually (once i get all the kinks out, as I said). I have went through our library of more than 100,000 tracks and weeded them down to a cleaner and beefier library, removing some of the dead weight, so to speak lol.

The new Request section will have Tons more info for all the bands (web links, bios, lyrics, etc.). You can now Vote on the tracks you hear, plus the "dedication" section/option has returned. Click the little "D" beside any track you wish to Request and it will offer you the chance to add a little Dedication, which will be posted to our homepage. You will also notice the new option to add tracks to your own personal collection (50-500 tracks) or "Pool". Every listener can choose tracks to add to their "Pool". Pure Rock Radio will be playing Listener Pools in our schedule. Stay posted for more news on the "Pool" option.

In addition to Pools and Ratings, plus Dedications in the glorious return of the Automated request section, we finally have a website back and will be adding so many cool sections and options to keep all the Pure Rockers happy again.

Thank-you for your incredible patience, awaiting the new website. I have got a ton of queries from loyal Pure Rockers wondering when the site would return. Enjoy and please have fun. Feel free to let me know if you notice a glitch or issue, so I can remedy the situation if I am not already working on it. Just in time for our 20th year on the air next spring in 2017! Keep those horns up \m/ and #feedtheaddiction!!

-Rich Embury Owner | Program Director | DJ


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