Saturday's alright for...Xtreme METAL!!

Pure Rock Radio would like to welcome our friends from Portugal to the family! In an attempt to return PRR to the great mixed metal format of days gone by, we've added "S.O.S. Metal Radio Show" to the line-up of kick ass programming here at PRR!

In addition to bringing us 6 solid hours of the heaviest Metal, host Filipe Marta & co-host Bruno Marques add a spice of international flavor to our feed! The weekly syndicated show is broadcast from the Antena Minho 106.0 FM studio and pumped to us straight from Braga, Portugal!

Our hope is to bring a mix of new Portuguese Metal fans along with the die hard metalheads who will tunein and enjoy the international language of Heavy F'n Metal!!!

For fans of Moonspell, Heavenwood, RAMP, Firstborn Evil, Pitch Black, Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, Megadeth, Gojira, etc... every SATURDAY night from 6:00pm - Midnight ET!


​From the day Mj.iMpErAtOrE broadcasted his first show to the masses back in 1985, in a claustrophobic studio at "Rádio Braga", until nowadays and 24 years later, the always unique radiophonic style invented and adopted at the show was set to make it all turn into a parody. And that was something that deeply pleased all listeners. Mj.iMpErAtOrE injected a great deal of new spontaneity into the Portuguese Metal Radio Scene with a dirty, sleazier, sexier, and raw energy where his attitude made and still makes all the difference from the other shows.

The S.O.S. Metal Radio Show Dark Inspiration Comes From... - Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles; - All Stephen King books; - The almighty Edgar Allan Poe Novels and Poetry; - Florbela Espanca Poems; - William Blake's Marriage of Heaven and Hell; - Dante's Inferno; - St. John's Apocalyse; - Nostradamus's Centuries; - Sun Tzu's The Art Of War; and of course, many others!


Filipe Marta aka Mj.iMpErAtOrE P.O. Box 408 4703-911 AV Braga Codex Portugal Direct Ph. +351.960066622

Tune-In by clicking the player above, or choosing another listen option (including all our Mobile Apps) in the "LISTEN" section!


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