Pure Rock Radio Addicts!

Hey Pure Rockers! just a quick reminder that we have recently launched a brand NEW Group over on Facebook called "PURE ROCK RADIO ADDICTS"!

In conjunction with our "Official" Facebook page at , this Group is for all our Pure Rock Radio community to SHARE anything important that you want to let everyone know about! The big difference between this group and our official Facebook page, is that ALL Members of the group can POST to the main feed/wall!

JOIN NOW and share your BAND links, VIDEOS, GIGS/CONCERTS, Facebook Events, PICTURES, and so much more! The sky is the limit. We only ask that you do not share links to "other" radio stations or websites of other radio. after-all, we love having you here LOL.

#FeedYourAddiction for all things HEAVY and join the Pure Rock Radio community here at and all our Social Media outlets!

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