Pure Rock Radio on the go! Mobile App numbers.

Our current Mobile App listener numbers are in! Our listeners are choosing, more and more to tuneIn on their Smartphones and tablets! Wherever you listen (we are on a multitude of killer apps, just Search out "Pure Rock Radio" on your fav) Below are the current Download numbers for all our own Mobile Apps and followers on the TuneIn App!

1) BlackBerry - 3,377 Listeners 2) Android - 2,734 Listeners 3) Windows Phone - 1,796 Listeners 4) BlackBerry 10 - 607 Listeners 5) iPhone - 515 Listeners

Total= 9,029 Pure Rockers listening on their Phones and Tablets via Pure Rock radio apps! PLUS 14,000+ Listeners on the app \m/




Windows Phone:

TuneIn Radio:

Thanks for supporting and Listening to Pure Rock Radio! Almost 25,000 Mobile Listeners can't be wrong! ‪With almost 4,000 combined downloads of our Apps, Blackberry users are the big winners with Android in 2nd at close to 3,000 and Windows Phone in at 3rd with almost 2,000 downloads!! One has to wonder...Where are all those iPhone users at???

Support Pure Rock Radio and grab the SmartPhone/Tablet App of your choice. Don't forget to spread the word. Next time, let's see if iPhone users can break the 1,000 mark ;)

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