Vancouver's ANCIIENTS stream new track "Serpents"!

PRESS RELEASE August 31st, 2016

Vancouver's ANCIIENTS are streaming a crushing new track track taken from their highly anticipated new album, 'Voice from the Void'. The track, a grandiose slow-burner titled "Serpents" is streaming now at Billboard, featuring an exclusive interview with the band: 'Voice from the Void' will be released on Oct. 14 worldwide. 'Voice of the Void' was recorded by Jesse Gander (3 INCHES OF BLOOD, BAPTISTS) at Rain City Recordings. Pre-orders for the album are available now at the official Season of Mist E-Shop: Regarding the new track, guitarist Chris Dyck comments,

"Once the song started to take shape we noticed it was headed into power ballad territory (for ANCIIENTS). We all had a laugh, started calling it "The November Rainer",and just went with it. I love how this song turned out. [To me] there's shades of late 80's Metallica/GnR riff-wise and shades of Soungarden vocally. I'm glad we put a song like this on Voice of the Void, and how it opens the door for us to do more slow and wide-open songs in the future. We really hope everyone enjoys it!"

The artwork and track list for 'Voice from the Void' can be found below.

Track list: 1. Following the Voice 2. Buried in Sand 3. Worshipper 4. Pentacle 5. Descending 6. Ibex Eye 7. My Home, My Gallows 8. Serpents 9. Incantations

"...the band's distinctive genre leaping is sure footed, seamless and exciting." - Popmatters "Anciients harness the power of prog for a greater good, making music you might actually remember. Scratch that — will remember. These guys are gonna be big." - Stereogum "The band are nothing if not highly ambitious, as the wide range of sounds demonstrates, Anciients shifting from stoner rock to blasting death-lite to tricky, tech-y prog like no one's business." - Exclaim "Heart Of Oak is an impressive many-sided record that will please a diversified group of music fans. Devotees of all things metal and rock will find something that Anciients does to love." -Stereokiller





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