SONIC SYNDICATE release "Start a War": 1st single from 'Confessions'

(Falkenberg, SWEDEN) Sweden's Sonic Syndicate have just released "Start a War," the debut single from their fifth full length studio album - and first for Despotz - "Confessions". Produced by Kristoffer Folin at Purple Skull Music, "Start a War" is the band's public introduction to the new direction they have taken on the "Confessions" album.

About the track, vocalist Nathan J. Briggs says, "The song is about daring to to dream, I guess. In this life you can do anything or be anything. It's a cliche, but it's true. But you've got to want it, and sometimes you really have to fight, to start a war to get there. This is a reminder for everyone, but also to myself with this new album." The Anglo / Swedish band will take to the road with Amaranthe and Smash it to Pieces beginning 21 October in Minsk, Belarus and running through 20 November in Vienna, Austria.

"Confessions" is released on 14 October - pre-orders are open now and can be found here.

"Start a War" can be purchased here and streamed here.

Sonic Syndicate invites you to share your confessions using the hashtag #sosyconfessions Links:

"Confessions" YouTube Spots:

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