LEAVES' EYES "Fires In The North" EP details!

LEAVES' EYES have unveiled details for their upcoming release, the "Fires In The North" EP.

The title track is a brand new song, featured in a regular and an acoustic version. In addition, the EP includes three songs from the band's latest album "King Of Kings" in new versions (feat. Elina on vocals). The cover artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann. Tracklisting: 1. Fires In The North 2. Fires In The North (Acoustic Version) 3. Edge Of Steel (2016 Version) 4. Sacred Vow (2016 Version) 5. Swords In Rock (2016 Version) Produced by Alexander Krull at Mastersound Studio

Elina Siirala – Vocals Alexander Krull – Vocals Thorsten Bauer – Guitar, Bass Pete Streit – Guitar Joris Nijenhuis – Drums LEAVES' EYES - "FIRES IN THE NORTH" EP (Digipak)

Streetdates: EUR / ROW: 07.10.2016 USA / CAN: 04.11.2016

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