RAVEN "The Devil" and the VAULT OF METAL Return TODAY (09/26/2016)!

Returning to PURE ROCK RADIO after a few years hiatus, THE VAULT OF METAL hosted by RAVEN "THE DEVIL" will be LIVE on the station every Monday from Noon - 4:00pm Saskatchewan/MDT (2:00pm-6:00pm EDT).


VAULT OF METAL Started in mid 2004 on Hard Rock Radio Live, within a year and a half it moved into internet syndication (including Pure Rock Radio) and went on to being one of the largest syndicated internet Metal radio shows in the world, eventually reaching over 30,000 listeners on a 5 day a week, 6 hour a day show.

Bringing professionalism to the internet radio market and setting a standard that is used by many in the field today. Host Raven has a loyal following of die-hard DJ's who have trained or learned from him in the early days and are now popular hosts on the airwaves themselves!

Due to the recent US economy and it's issues, the show was hit hard and was forced to go off the air in the summer of 2010. But thanks to hundreds of people, including industry veterans wanting the show to return. It begun the process of coming back to air in several different formats near the end of 2014, beginning of 2015.


"If you are an old fan or new to the show - feel free to post and comment BELOW (Facebook Plugin)!" - Raven

"I love my listeners and want to always take your input. The show has always been and will always be for people passionate about Heavy Metal and Hard Rock from the 70's to today! The fans drive the content of this show." - Raven


If you missed THE VAULT OF METAL over these years, all the features others enjoyed will be returning, plus NEW aspects yet to be announced!

As always, committed to giving you the highest quality in music, interviews and content and will continue to do so! THE VAULT OF METAL is Brought to you by Raven "The Devil" - once coined "The hardest working man in rock radio".

The "NEW" VAULT OF METAL is Based off the core of the original show, created in August of 2004. Now with a new Co-host, as well as mixing in elements of all the show's that Raven has been part of over the years. Interviews, reviews, comedy, music, insights into the world of Video Gaming - online and console. Plus "geek" culture - from Cosplay to Comic books and more. Also current events, "Darwin" awards, Television and Movie reviews, and of course the infamous Rant!!

Featuring the best in signed and unsigned Hard Rock and Metal - as well as influences to the both.

The Vault is now also in the process of breaking the walls down in both the terrestrial market and satellite for radio, with projects in the works from concerts to Video and Documentary style Video. Taking elements from TV and Film and adding in the viewpoint of a roadie and radio host - then mix in friends I have made in the last 14 years!

THE VAULT OF METAL is the most unique LIVE radio experience you will have, and it's here every week on PURE ROCK RADIO beginning September 26th, 2016 from 12:00pm-4:00pm Saskatchewan/MT (2pm-6pm ET)



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CALL LIVE During the show: 1-(804)-381-6664

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