"Platinum Editions" of 1st four ACCEPT albums out April 14th!

Metal history gets an upgrade! The legendary first four classic albums by ACCEPT ("Accept", "I'm A Rebel", "Breaker", and "Restless And Wild") will be available as CD re-releases (in Digipak format) on April 14th.

These re-issues were compiled in close collaboration with original Accept vocalist Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O./ DIRKSCHNEIDER). The booklets include the song's lyrics, old photos from the archives and liner notes by Udo*; "I'm A Rebel", "Breaker" and "Restless And Wild" in addition come with exclusive LIVE bonus tracks, performed by Dirkschneider.

*The "Accept" album instead of written liner notes, includes an audio-recorded interview with Udo in which he gives insight on the foundation of the band.

These "Platinum Edition" re-issues will only be available in North & South America, Asia, Russia, Turkey and the Baltic Countries.

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