WRATH OF BELIAL release first single and lyric video from debut (May 26th)

WRATH OF BELIAL are ready with their debut album 'Bloodstained Rebellion' - Their debut album blends Thrash and Death metal, creating compositions that move from frantic riffs to grandiose melodic passages and neckbreaking grooves. To give you a taste of their sound, they are releasing their first single - 'Traitors', from the upcoming album. The single is accompanied by a lyric video, which you can watch here:

The band has its roots in the death metal band Pariah Syndicate, but after the replacement of various band members and a new and better sound, they decided that a new name was in order, to represent the new era of the band - and that is how they became WRATH OF BELIAL. "The name of the band is a reference to the basic emotion from which the creativity and the musical expressions is shaped. Anger to the highest degree." - Kasper Hornstrup, vocalist. 'Bloodstained Rebellion' will be self-released on May 26, 2017.

TRACKLIST: 1. Traitors 2. Mirror Fiend 3. Aftermath of a Tyrant 4. Reborn Through Your Demise 5. Set Sails For The End of The World 6. With Hell Assured 7. Battleborn 8. Hellion 9. Six Feet Under Pandora 10. A Diaphanous Signature Written by The Lost 11. Next Chapter of Enslavement

For more Info on the band:

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