ANCHORED's 'Beneath The Surface' tailor made for mainstream rock radio!

Dallas, Texas hard rockers ANCHORED are set to release sophomore album 'Beneath The Surface' on April 14th via Pavement Entertainment. Formed in 2009 by vocalist Brandon Narrell, drummer Matt Clark and guitarist Joel Estes, the band later added lead guitarist Michael Thomas and bass player Greg Betsworth to complete the ANCHORED line-up. First album 'Listen To This' was released in 2010 and produced 3 singles/videos, tours in Japan and South Korea and five US tours with such bands as SALIVA, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and VOLBEAT.

Teaming up with Pavement Entertainment, ANCHORED are set to release 'Beneath The Surface' with first single "Shots and Cookies" as well as a video (see below) for "Throwin' Down" Featuring legendary rapper SNOOP DOGG.

This is my first experience with ANCHORED and I have to say, right out of the gate I was impressed as hell! The band belongs right beside hard rock heavyweights like SEETHER, PAPA ROACH, POP EVIL, ALTER BRIDGE, ART OF ANARCHY, and SKILLET to name a few similar artists. Their party rockers "The Show", "Fate", "Blackout", "Bar Fight", "Shots and Cookies", and "Throwin' Down (featuring SNOOP DOGG)" are a perfect example of how a hard rock anthem should be written. Don't let the fact that SNOOP DOGG is featured in "Throwin' Down" fool you, the track has serious hard rockin' balls. Even if you dislike rap, you can't help but love the track. Tailor made for mainstream rock radio, ANCHORED also have a nice selection of mid-tempo rockers like "Dead Inside", "The Message", and "Fire" which are great cross-over tracks that will be enjoyed by all ages and all sexes. Maybe considered Ballads, the songs "Memory Lane", "Circles", and "Remember When" are also well-written, moody, light rockers built for the fairer sex.

"Throwin' Down (Feat. Snoop Dogg)" video:

As a rocker who gets a ton of music across my desk every day, sometimes it's hard to really impress me and get added to my favorites pile. ANCHORED have made my personal cut and I will surely add them to this year's "Best Pure Rockers of 2017" list here at Pure Rock Radio. That being said, although the album itself is well rounded and perfectly laid out, I have to pick tracks "The Show", "Fate", southern rocker "Shots and Cookies", "Dead Inside", "Bar Fight", "Fire" and the colaboration track with SNOOP DOGG "Throwin' Down" as my pics from this album. It was truely hard to pick favorites on this one, as I find myself listening to the entire album, cover to cover.

I wasn't given any info on the production team for this realease, but horns up to them on the great quality of production on 'Beneath The Surface'.

Update: The guys in ANCHORED were kind enough to hook me up with the production team info. So here are the guys responsible for the good work.

- Produced by: Jay Baumgardner

- Mastered by: Howie Weinberg

I would be remiss without suggesting any true "Pure Rock" fans to check out ANCHORED's new album and if they cruise through a town or festival near you, be sure to check them out. I tried to look for some negative things to be a well rounded reviewer, but I simply couldn't with this one. I can't fault them for knowing how to write radio-friendly hits, I can't acuse them for being too mellow since the album is chalk full of rock gold. Not a bad pick for my first review in years. ANCHORED made my job way too easy with 'Beneath The Surface'. Listen for lots of spins at Pure Rock Radio this year. One of the benefits of management is that I get to push what I enjoy on the listening public. Ok, I'm done kissing their collective butts! But seriously, I have to give this one a full 5 out 5 stars.

You can pick up a copy of ANCHORED's new album 'Beneath the Surface' (Pavement Entertainment) at all good digital download sites and any good record stores (if any are still around) on April 14th, 2017 or pre-order at the iTunes and Amazon links below to support the band and PRR at the same time!

'Beneath The Surface' Track listing:

1) The Show

2) Fate

3) Blackout

4) Shots and Cookies

5) Memory Lane

6) Dead inside

7) Circles

8) The Message

9) Bar Fight

10) Remember When

11) Fire

12) Throwin' Down (Feat. SNOOP DOGG) PRE-ORDER Now:




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