JD Miller - World War X (Review)

I assumed JD Miller was the name of someone in the band, but to my surprise JD Miller is in fact solely the band name. None of the band members go by that name. Who is JD Miller and why did they decide to use his name as their band name, I don’t know (and if it’s something obvious that I’m missing, please let me know). What I do know though, is that JD Miller is a guitar driven Swedish rock band, with a big melodic sound, massive harmonies and enough of a modern metal edge that it sonically punches you in the gut and says, “Listen to me!”

The intensity fires off right from the start of the first track “Journey Through The Past” and then takes us on an anathematic journey with songs like “Against The Wind” and “Power”. The second half of the album takes a step back, slowing down a bit but still maintaining the massive sound on tracks like “Forgotten” and “Isolate”. It has been a while since I’ve heard an album that is solid from start to finish. There’s only 9 tracks on the album, but it’s still a 10/10!

Favorite track on the album: ”Power



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