SASKATOON SCREAMFEST III announces 2nd night and increased roster including LAVAGOAT

<Saskatoon, Saskatchewan> <04/10/17>

Saskatoon Screamfest has announced that its third edition will include an opening night, dedicated completely to more aggressive genres of metal (Death, Doom, Black, etc.). Organizer, Dan Brown says: “With growth projections looking as they are, this could be a full weekend thing by next year, celebrating a wide array of heavy musicians from Saskatchewan”.

Even after announcing thrashers Untimely Demise as the headliner of Saskatoon Screamfest III, the kicks just keep coming for this year’s mini-fest. The extension of Friday, October 27th at Vangelis Tavern will mark a first for the event, not only welcoming a new venue into the Saskatoon Screamfest outline; but also, providing extreme metal bands with their own night and lineup – to be enjoyed by more specific fan groups. Among the groups currently booked for the fest opener are beloved Saskatoon death metal band Lavagoat, who recently released their 2016 EP “Ladies from Hades”, adding a disc to their already impressive collection. Although there is no finished official lineup designated, it is expected there will be 5-6 bands performing each night of Screamfest – depending on approved submissions. (Watch for official lineup announcements)

Saskatoon Screamfest III was expected to have a fully announced lineup by April 17th, but due to the festival extention to a 2nd night, look for a full line up announcement shortly! Ticket details are expected to surface shortly thereafter. It has been confirmed by the organizers that a new style of ticket will be available considering the designation of a second night. In addition to being able to access daily passes to each Screamfest III night respectively, a ‘weekend pass’ will be marketed for a discounted price, to encourage metal fans to take full advantage of this two-night display of Saskatchewan talent. Both tiers of admission will be available for a varying pre-sale and door price. For more information on the event visit or email .

Facebook Event page for 2nd night:

For up to date info and links to SASKATOON SCREAMFEST III, visit our official event page here at Pure Rock Radio. We are proud to sponsor another excellent metal event!

Read the press release, announcing UNTIMELY DEMISE as headliners to the event here...

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