LILLIAN AXE reissue two classic albums via ROCK CANDY RECORDS May 12th!

Two of the most underrated - but widely respected - heavy metal releases of the late ‘80s were undoubtedly the first pair of albums by New Orleans-based hard rock outfit, Lillian Axe - 1988’s 'Self-titled' debut and 1989’s ‘Love + War.’ And on May 12th, both will be reissued as “special deluxe collector’s editions” via Rock Candy Records - complete with multi-page booklets, essays, and fully remastered audio, shaped from 24 BIT digital technology.

Both albums can be ordered via the following links: ‘Lillian Axe’ - ‘Love + War’ - The band - led since their inception by guitarist Steve Blaze - caught the attention of metalheads during an era when bands like Ratt ruled the MTV/radio airwaves. It just so happened that Ratt’s manager at the time, Marshall Berle, crossed paths with the band, and helped broker a recording deal with MCA Records, and in turn, enlisted Ratt’s late guitarist Robin Crosby to produce the group’s debut album - spawning such standout tracks as “Dream of a Lifetime,” “Vision in the Night, “and “The More That You Get.” Lillian Axe came back even stronger with their sophomore set, ‘Love + War,’ with Tony Platt (who had previously worked with the likes of AC/DC, Def Leppard, and Krokus) serving as producer - which resulted in such rocking tunes as “The World Stopped Turning,” “Show a Little Love,” and “She Likes It on Top.” Soon, rock fans will get the opportunity to rediscover both ‘Lillian Axe’ and ‘Love + War,’ thanks to the good folks at Rock Candy. Lillian Axe’ Tracklisting: 1. Dream Of A Lifetime 5:18 2. Inside Out 3:57 3. Vision In The Night 3:20 4. Picture Perfect 4:00 5. The More That You Get 3:05 6. Misery Loves Company 3:27 7. Nobody Knows 4:19 8. Hard Luck 4:51 9. Waiting In The Dark 4:28 10. Laughing In Your Face 3:51

Love + War’ Tracklisting: 1. All's Fair in Love and War 5:58 2. She Likes it on Top 3:55 3. Diana 4:46 4. Down on You 4:24 5. The World Stopped Turning 5:00 6. Ghost of Winter 6:18 7. My Number 3:32 8. Show a Little Love 4:36 9. Fool's Paradise 4:41 10. Letters in the Rain 4:24


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