All That Remains - Madness (Review)

All That Remains has steadily matured as a band from one album to the next and you can hear that growth on their latest release entitled 'Madness'.

Kicking the album off with the heavy aggressive sound they’ve been known for “Safe House” feels anything but safe. The second track in is the first single off the album and title track “Madness” in which All That Remains establishes them selves as more than a aggressive metal band. The first line of the song is “History, repeats itself, over and over again” which was somewhat ironic as this song is a prime example of how All That Remains has evolved and has not been doing the same thing over and over again. “Madness” is an anthem that takes the listener on a sonic journey of tension and release, with just the right amount of intensity to emphasize what the song is about.

The album suddenly turns by the time you get to “If I’m Honest”, a track that if you closed your eyes you would probably assume you were listening to a Shinedown track. That same feeling returns later in the album with the song “Back To You”. Both these tracks have the potential to be major radio hits, with catchy choruses and strong, memorable lyrics. Don’t worry if this doesn’t sound like the All That Remains that you’ve come to enjoy. You can still hear their aggressive metal stylings in tracks like “Open Grave” and “Trust and Believe”.

Favourite Track(s): "Madness" "Back To You" and "Far From Home"

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