HERO JR. releases new album 'Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business'



INDIANAPOLIS (May, 2017) – Rock band Hero Jr’s new album, 'Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business', was recorded live to analog tape in just 48 hours, with the band performing sides one and two of the record in sequence for the definitive Hero Jr. experience. With an essence somewhere between the best of Nirvana and the heavy simplicity of early Black Sabbath and 70s British rock, 'Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business' gives listeners all the expected dynamics, power and unscripted performances of a great classic rock band, with melodic, lyrical and musical hooks that keep listeners singing along. 'Sometimes You Just Gotta Give It The Business' is available now on iTunes.

Hero Jr. perform "Jump Ship" Live at Rock Garden Studios:

Having supported major headlining acts such as Alice Cooper, Tom Petty, John 5 & The Creatures, The Offspring, Tantric and more, Hero Jr. is truly in their element live on stage, performing an average of 175 shows each year at clubs and festivals, with no two shows the same. Sharing the same values as legendary audio pioneer Klipsch, Hero Jr. is one of the few bands featured in their Emerging Artists program, with both parties holding in high esteem a respect to confidence, product quality and in-your-face volume. In terms of work ethic and influences, Hero Jr. is an old school band, but their crisp live sound sets the bar for “real” modern rock music.

Hero Jr. has a reputation for playing different shows each night, often stretching their well-crafted rock tunes into epic jams. On tour since 2012, the band has played more than 650 shows across America.

Hero Jr. is Evan Haughey (vocals, rhythm guitar), Ken Rose (lead guitar), Dave DuBrava (bass) and Devon Ashley (drums).


"World Class Jams..." -Joey Coco Diaz, Church Of What's Happening Now Podcast"

"Rock at its finest." - METROMIX INDIANAPOLIS

"These dudes are on tour and stopped here on Saturday morning enroute to their next show and dropped this and 3 other killer songs in 23 minutes of continuous recording. We didn't stop, we didn't punch in, WE DIDN'T FIX ANYTHING! It was pretty much perfect." - One By One Podcast, New Jersey

"...truly one of the best bands in will not be disappointed." - Kurt Anno, ONSTAGE MAGAZINE

Editor's Pick Best of Indy

"Hero Jr. plays a solid post 90’s rock with a radio ready sound. They rock it out with a top 40 consciousness. In a music scene full of art rockers, I’m glad to see a band that’s not afraid to be likeable." - NUVO WEEKLY

"Hero Jr. have a sound that’s unmistakably U.S. rock. You get the feeling they could have released their single "Ann Boleyn" any time from the last forty years and it’d stand a chance at college radio airplay and southern cook-outs, yet it manages to have just enough freshness to get played here in the U.K." - SUPAJAM/U

"Each song on Hero Jr.'s new album Backup Plan is a powerhouse of hook-laden melodic rock. It's the magical blend of '70s groove, '80s brashness, '90s hooks, and millennial pop. In short, it's unforgettable." - ADOBE AND TEARDROPS

"Hero Jr.’s full-length debut Backup Plan is a refreshing change of sound, mixing up a bit of classic and '90s rock and expanding on the raw power of groups like Mother Love Bone in their heyday." - INSOMNIA RADIO

"Hero Jr. seemed to stumble on a formula for success right out of the gate: write a strong, catchy record, promote like hell and play the biggest shows you can get your hands on." - MUSICAL FAMILY TREE

"The music Hero Jr. brings on Backup Plan is worth some serious exploration. Lead singer Evan Haughey is gifted with magnificent pipes, his vocals soaring over a guitar-heavy alternative groove which reminds instantly of a cross between nineties-era Tonic and pretty much anything by the Black Crowes or Cracker." - HEAR HEAR MUSIC

"Hero Jr. has everything in its right place. " - INDIANAPOLIS STAR

Best Of The Month: December 2012. Hero Jr.’ - MAD MACKEREL/UK

Hero Jr continues to deliver great music!” – STARS ARE SHINING BRIGHT


Endorsements: Klipsch Audio, Orange amplifiers, Fender Musical Instruments, Amedia Cymbals, EV Microphones


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