CHAINS OVER RAZORS join forces with CARMINE APPICE and Rocker Records

June 27, 2017 -- Carmine Appice and Rocker Records ( is excited to announce its partnership with the Chains Over Razors.

Chains Over Razors is an intense Rock and Metal power trio comprised of singer Franco V. Roc, guitarist Mike Vapor, and drummer Andy Vapor.

The three started out together as part of the the group Beneathme in 2007. They reformed in 2014 as an intense three piece focused on edge and melody driven music pushing new ideas and concepts in the genre that many would consider against the rules. About the name, drummer Andy Vapor says, “we were watching a show about taboo culture, and the art of scarring and people hanging from chains and laying on a bed of razors or nails. This kinda led to an 'aha' moment. We thought that should be the new group name, Chains Over Razors. We always think of it as being imprisoned in a cold dark room with hanging chains over a floor with razors. It’s a complete separation from reality.

The hard hitting name goes hand in hand with the hard-hitting music on the trio’s debut album produced by Rock legend Carmine Appice. The first single and video “Damnation” (seen below) which as guitarist Mike Vapor puts it is a “powerful heavy groove with a dark story”. Other stand out tracks include "Devil's Eyes" ("The riff gives me the impression that your face is going to get torn off. It’s intense." -Mike), "Center Line of a Lie" ("The rhythm for the drums has an interesting double bass pattern that sounds like it is dancing in and out of the guitars. It’s pretty interesting." -Andy), and "2020" ("This song questions our existence and purpose." -Andy).

CHAINS OVER RAZORS - "Damnation" (Video)":

Although Mike and Andy live in Chicago and Franco is based in Montreal, QC the band comes together to write and perform.

More videos and music coming soon, and look for the band on the road this summer and fall!



Founded by the legendary drummer and songwriter Carmine Appice (Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Rod Stewart, King Kobra), ROCKER RECORDS is dedicated to music directly from and surrounding Carmine’s universe of music.

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