Dutch old school death metal band BURNING HATRED release debut 'Carnage' on cassette!

Originally released in April 2016 in CD format, Dutch Death Metal mongers Burning Hatred's debut full length 'Carnage' has been out in tape format via Morbid Skull Records.

Track List:

1. The Rawagede Massacre 2. Reign Of Horror 3. Carnage Of War 4. Desecration 5. Religious Insanity 6. Dying Day 7. Bedevilment 8. Doomed City 9. Perceived Infestation 10. March Towards Death


Burning Hatred combines the best elements from the Swedish and Dutch Death Metal scene from the 90’s era. The music is heavy, rhythmic and has a rancid sound with a thick dark nasty edge. Formed in the fall of 2002 in the east of The Netherlands, and tormented by lineup changes throughout their history, the band nowadays consists of members who are also active in Phlebotomized, Anarchos, LD’50, Abrupt Demise and Condolence. Throughout their history they released 2 demos and a EP 'Unleashed' released through HRI Records in 2011. It was praised by the underground press for being heavy, filthy and appealing. The 5-piece have been spreading their music on underground festivals as Stonehenge, Malta Deathfest and Nice To Eat You Deathfest and shared the stage with bands like Dismember, Obituary, Immolation, Possessed, Vomitory, Entrails throughout their history. In the summer of 2015 the long awaited debut full length 'Carnage' was recorded at the Dirty Bird Studios. It was released as a CD in April 2016 by Vic Records and Murder Records. Well-received on CD, now this album is released on tape by Morbid Skull Records. This crushing album boasts 10 tracks of relentless Old School Death Metal in the vein of the crushing European acts of the 90’s. Death metal with a firm dose of power, mid-tempo passages, downtuning, groove and masses of ominous vibes. The cover artwork for 'Carnage' is created by The Crystallomantic Art (Wombbath, Anarchos, Hellion, etc.)

BURNING HATRED - "Perceived Infestation" (Official Video):

Genre: Death Metal Location: Overijssel, Netherlands Release Date: 30 June, 2017 Label: Morbid Skull Records Format: Tape


Guitars: Marc Ouwendijk Vocals: René Brugmans Bass: Bas Wijnbergen Drums: Gerben Mol Guitars: Martin Brakert


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