Great White - Full Circle (Review)

Full Circle” is a great title for Great White’s latest album. As you listen to the album, the band, with new lead-singer Terry Ilous (who you may remember from XYZ) takes you on a journey through Great White’s musical career.

The album starts off with the straightforward guitar rock feel fans have known Great White for, complemented by Terry’s vocals and supported by the band’s familiar vocal harmonies. As we move from one track to the next, the band takes us on a new but familiar journey. You can hear Terry’s influence in “This Is The Life” and “Let Me In” but at the same time thanks to Mark Kendall’s familiar blue rock riffs and lead-guitar lines the songs still feel like Great White songs. The album comes ‘full circle’ once the opening riff to “Big Time” kicks in. Up till now, the listener has been given a tour of today’s Great White, but once they reach “Big Time” our journey goes back to the early years of Great White with epic gang vocal harmonies in the chorus, reminiscent of “Rock Me” and “Big Goodbye”. The album wraps up with the bluesy “Never Let You Down” which is another stroll down Great White memory lane, with aspects that feel similar to songs like “House Of Broken Love” and the a slowed down “Mista Bone”. This album is good for Great White fans, Terry Ilous/XYZ fans and fans of straightforward bluesy guitar rock.

Favourite Tracks: "Big Time", "Never Let You Down" and "I'm Alright"

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