One man band BURIED REALM to unleash "The Ichor Carcinoma" Sept 29th w/all-star metal gues

Josh Dummer (all instruments and vocals) Photo Credit – Tamara Clarke

A true visionary is a rare thing; but such a man is Josh Dummer. Providing all instruments and vocals on his creation BURIED REALM's debut, 'The Ichor Carcinoma' with the exception of some very exciting guests such as Bob Katsionis (Firewind, Septicflesh), Brandon Ellis (Arsis, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannabis Corpse), Christopher Amott (Arch Enemy, Armageddon), Dean Paul Arnold (Vital Remains), Marios Iliopoulos (Nightrage), Peter Wichers (Soilwork), Ryan Strain (Recode The Subliminal), Teemu Mäntysaari (Wintersun) and Travis Montgomery (Threat Signal, Jeff Loomis band). Dummer is a man who is not afraid to gaze into the abyss for music and lyrical inspiration.

Inspired by Opeth, Kreator, Old Man’s Child, Symphony X (and tons of old Hair Metal!); Dummer describes BURIED REALM's music as "Fierce, cutting, technical, melodic, and memorable". The studio project represents a hidden dimension within himself where the ‘buried disputes’ of his life are confronted only through music; where he can express musical ideas without compromising.

Eager for the fans to hear his debut album, Dummer reflects. “I feel that listeners can appreciate it, not only on a musical level but hopefully enjoy the listening experience too. This album was a long time in the making and hopefully that translates. 'The Ichor Carcinoma’ was originally supposed to be an EP. However, I had too many pre-production demos and didn’t want to scrap them, so I decided on a full-length, which fans can expect many guests across the entire album!

Not afraid to draw deep from a painful wellspring of inspiration, Dummer adds. “Many people close to me, myself included, have been though unfortunate life-threatening situations recently. No one is invincible and everyone walks though life like they are…I couldn’t ignore those events when it came to writing lyrics for this release. Some of the songs go into further detail about the terror I’ve experienced and personal demons I’ve faced. The lyrics are about the mental and physical battles of terminal illness/diseases and the attempt to rebuild.

Teaming up with New Noise Magazine, Dummer reveals his shredding skills with a guitar playthrough video for the album's title track "The Ichor Carcinoma". The track also features guests Bob Katsionis (Firewind/ ex-Septicflesh) and Peter Wichers (ex-Soilwork).

""The Ichor Carcinoma” - The title track of the album… This was the second song I wrote for the record. The riffs are racing and melodies/ solos are flying all over the place. The lyrics are about the mental and physical battles of terminal illness, personal demons and the attempt to rebuild." says Dummer. Watch it now at the following link:

'The Ichor Carcinoma' is set for release on September 29th, 2017 with pre-order available on August 18th 2017 on Bandcamp, Amazon and iTunes.

Track Listing: 1. Portal (0:34) 2. The Ichor Carcinoma (4:56) 3. Asphyxiation’s Lullaby (5:04) 4. Through These Darkened Halls (4:05) 5. Apeiron I - The Legacy (5:02) 6. On Serpent Soil (4:46) 7. Apeiron II - Global Dreamer (5:06) 8. Unscrupulous (6:15) 9. Hidden Chapter (2:20) 10. SuperSpell (8:08) -Album Length: 46:20

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