Swedish metal band VEGHA releases new single/video "Stand In Line"

Swedish metal band VENGHA released a brand new single and video for the track "Stand In Line". Their previous album release was 'Ergo' in 2014 which produced 2 singles for "My Slave" and "Something Different".

"Stand In Line" official video:

Vocalist Lave says: - "Why do we constantly compare ourselves with everyone else? Who is perfect? What is correct? What is normal? Stop care about what everyone else are gonna think about you. Work with what's inside you - with your own fucking DNA! When we do this I believe we can do miracle with ourselves and everyone around us."

"Stand In Line" was recorded at Studio Haga with producer Robert Kukla, Mixed by Christian Svedin and mastered by Ronnie Björnström. The video was produced by Robin "Lave" Ohlausson and filmed by Victor Mossby.



VENGHA is a raw, dirty and high energetic music constellation, born in Sweden July 2012.

They have performed at several festivals in Europe, such as Wacken Open Air in Germany, Sabaton Open Air, House of Metal in Sweden and SWR Barroselas metalfest in Portugal .

VENGHA has also performed with great acts like Raubtier, Transport League, Negura Bunget and Drone - to name a few.


Robin "Lave" Ohlausson - Vocals

Robin Ungh - Guitar

Micael Källerklint - Bass guitar

Johan Björkman - Guitar

Alexander Nilsson - Drums

More Info:

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