BINARY CREED unleash new album 'A Battle Won'. Out now on Rockshots Records!

Swedish progressive metal band BINARY CREED follow up their well-received ‘Restitution’ album with their new opus 'A Battle Won' now available in North America as of September 8th via Rockshots Records / MVD Entertainment Distribution.

Inspired by power and progressive metal such as Judas Priest, Queensryche, Nevermore and Opeth, singer Andreas Stoltz describes the sound of BINARY CREED as “melodic, gritty, atmospheric, layered and heavy!

Stoltz says the subject matter of 'A Battle Won' is as heavy as its music. The album is a concept album about war, blind obedience and what you sometimes need to do to get away and make yourself a better life. It is about making a stand against oppression and violence even it’s at a very high cost. The opening track "Servants" portrays the madness of blindly following someone else’s doctrine into war. "The Fallen King" is about realising that what you felt was right and important was actually wrong and futile. It’s also about choosing family over religious dogma and facing mortality- that all you have is this brief moment here on Earth. 'A Battle Won' is available in North America on Amazon here. Album Full Stream:

Music Video - "A Fallen King":

Music Video - "In A Time To Come":

Track Listing: 1. Servants (5:04) 2. Lurking In The Shadows (4:42) 3. In A Time To Come (4:13) 4. The Fallen King (4:43) 5. The Ones To Bleed (4:34) 6. Safer Than Now (4:14) 7. A Better Man (4:11) 8. Black Storm (3:12) 9. These Hands (4:30) 10. Journey Without End (4:24)

Album Length: 43:52

For more info:

(bio written by Steve Earles)

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