Out now! Montreal two bass band THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE (TGRE) debut EP 'Low Ends'

Born from of a desire to create music in an environment where guitars don’t exist. Bassists Benoît Forté (The Lonely Sidewalkers/Coco Méliès/ex-Fallstaf/ex-North East Bistro) and Nicolas Miquelon (Norilsk/Mortör/ex-Kintra) created the dark collective known as THE GREAT RUSSIAN EMPIRE (TGRE). Inspired by the 1980’s new wave and early 1990’s alternative genre, by way of modern folk and various rock influences, their debut EP 'Low Ends' is dark in content with lyrics crafted around tragic personal events, and layered with vocals, violin and cello. Now available as of September 8th, the EP is now streaming in full and can be downloaded or be purchased on CD version presented in a gatefold digi-sleeve at the following link on Bandcamp: Bassist Ben Forté comments: "LOW ENDS wasn’t originally supposed to be recorded, well not for our first release. We (Ben Forte and Nic Miquelon) had worked on 6-7 instrumental songs that were supposed to see the day of light on this recording. Let say we were done about 75% and there was still a lot of work to be done and we didn’t feel that we were ready to lay everything down in studio. So... I (Ben Forte) had these other songs almost all done, with lyrics and a good vision of the arrangements. I felt going instrumental right after my other past projects FALLSTAF and NORTH EAST BISTRO would leave me hanging with things not said. So I asked my friend Jason from DIRTCAKE if he could sing on the recordings and he agreed the second I asked and he did an amazing job. I also felt the tracks were a little empty with a few basses and a drum kit so I added strings to support the songs and brought in a cello and a violin. David Méliès recorded almost everything and produced the whole project. Took almost 5 five years to complete this EP and looking back, these first songs we wrote are great because of the literal Low Ends."

Track Listing: 1. Full of Blood (6:19) 2. The Hands That Bring The Road Kill To The Side (3:49) 3. If Tomorrow Ever Comes (Cop Shoot Cop cover) (6:03) 4. Blood Everywhere (3:52) 5. Pig’s Blood (3:56) 6. The Fence (4:15) EP Length: 28:19

EP Band and Live Line UP: Benoît Forté – Bass Nicolas Miquelon – Bass Mathieu Lassonde – Drums

Additional guest musicians: Jason Mateus – Vocals Sara Jasmin – Violon Julien Thibault – Cello

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