CHRIS VIOLENCE debuts new single/video "In Speed We Trust"

The American thrash metal singer CHRIS VIOLENCE unveils his upcoming music video artwork (seen below).

"In Speed We Trust" is the new single and music video that he has been working on lately. The recording process was conducted at the home studios of Jon DuBose (bass and rhythm guitar) in the United States, Matheus Manente (drums and lead guitar) in South America and CHRIS VIOLENCE (vocals) in Italy. This song includes an intro production created by Danillo Battistini featuring the voices of Danilo himself, Fiona Thraille, Matheus Manente and Steve Blitzin. The American Thrash Metal vocalist originally from Hollywood, California USA who fronted the Thrash Metal band CESSATION OF LIFE (1995 - 2012), releasing multiple albums and extensive touring over the bands long career. CHRIS VIOLENCE released his debut solo full-length album, 'American Ripper' in 2014, and later the single "Push Button Pain" in 2016. The same year he has been featured in the Romanian extreme metal band AXSAENA debut release, 'Global Revolution.' CHRIS VIOLENCE - "In Speed We Trust" (Video):

In 2017, CHRIS VIOLENCE released a 24-minute-long masterpiece, "The Raven", which is a thrash metal opera based on the iconic author Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven."



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