Login/Register with Social Media + Listener Playlists, Requests and more!

Hey Pure Rockers!

Just wanted to update you on our Pure Rock Radio website registration and login options.

Currently, you can register or login using your Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn accounts if you wish (see picture above). We have fixed those 3 social media options, and they can be used again. Unfortunately, the Facebook option has been temporarily disabled. Due to recent changes to Facebook, we are working on a fix to allow our site visitors to login or register with Facebook again. We will notify you here (with an update) or on our social media pages when the issue is fixed.

Aside from registering or logging in with your social media accounts, you can also use the manual option. To register with the manual option (no social media), click on "Don't have an account?" on the login/register page (see above picture). This will allow you to choose your own Username, and a Password for this site.

If you chose to register using the manual option, then you will need to enter the Username or Email and the Password you chose when logging in each time to Pure Rock Radio via our website or apps.

We have added lots of options inside your user account we hope you will enjoy and utilize.

  1. You can upload an Avatar, add your personal Map location (example: just your city or town, rather than specific street address) and it will add a Google map on your profile in the "Personal Info" tab of your User Account.

  1. In the "My Extras" section, You can tell us About yourself, add a Website URL, a personal or favorite YouTube Or Vimeo Video, and Choose your Favorite Style of Music (which will also help us in programming what you hear).

  1. We have added a "My Band" tab for those of you in a band. This allows you to enter your Band Name, Website URL, short Bio, Band Picture, Facebook page/group, Twitter page, Bandcamp page, YouTube account, and a YouTube video from your band if you wish. Your Band Name will also appear directly under your Username on our "Recent Member Visits" section of our homepage or any published user lists on this site. Registered Pure Rock Radio users will be able to click on your User Account listing and see all that you have added and shared. A great promotional tool for your Band.

  1. On the "User Profile" tab within your User Account, you can add your City, Country, Webpage URL, About yourself and your Date of Birth if you wish as well.


By Registering and Logging In to Pure Rock Radio with your User Account, you will be able to REQUEST any song in our library, via the REQUEST SECTION. All Requests are handled automatically. This means that once you select "Request" beside the song you wish to hear, it will be added immediately to our play queue and air in the order it came in (usually within 20-30 mins.). You can Request via our website or through one of our PRR Apps for your tablet/Phone as long as you are logged in.

You can also add Lyrics, Rate and Dedicate songs, and much more. We may be adding more options for PRR Users very soon.

One option for registered (and logged in) users, is the ability to create Listener Playlists. A Listener Playlist can be created by choosing any 50-500 songs in our music library from our Request Section. We (the staff) can then choose to play random selections from any created Listener Playlist live on the air (depending on the amount of songs in each playlist)! If this option is popular with our users, we may make this a regular, scheduled, weekly event. This option puts the PRR Listener and registered users of our site, in the programmers seat. Watch for instructional videos on how to create a Listener Playlist very soon!

We hope you will enjoy these options with your FREE Pure Rock Radio User Account. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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