Metal vocalist LANCE KING short 60% of PledgeMusic funding for new LP 'ReProgram'

UPDATE (10/12/2018) - Pledge Music campaign now at over 70%!!! Let's get it over the hump!! Read more and choose from killer pledge packs + get 3 free songs NOW :

Power/Progressive metal singer, NIGHTMARE RECORDS label head, and former Pure Rock Radio host (Sunday Hour of Progressive Power) LANCE KING has launched a Pledge Music campaign to help fund the release of his new album 'ReProgram'. Lance released his debut solo album 'A Moment In Chiros' in 2011, but since then has fallen on hard times. His wife developed 3rd stage Cancer in her colon and Lance had a serious injury while competing in Muay Thai Kickboxing, and lastly some medical insurance issues sealed the deal.

LANCE KING - 'ReProgram' Trailer #1 (Video):

One might wonder why a Label owner and singer/musician with decades in the music industry fronting bands like AVIAN, BALANCE OF POWER, PYRAMAZE and more would need to go the crowdfunding route? Well, quite simply, the 7 years since the release of his debut solo album 'A Moment In Chiros' has been wrought with financial and health perils! You can read the whole story here.

Lance tried seeking the help of other labels in Japan and Europe, but was politely passed on. The huge changes in the music industry with digital downloads and apps like Spotify have completely changed the way labels and musicians develop and release new albums. In a quick chat with Lance, he pointed out that his new album 'ReProgram' will NOT be released if he does not meet his $20,000 goal through his Pledge Music campaign and the clock is ticking down on the chance for this to happen! Lance King has only met 40% of the goal and needs the full amount to cover the production costs, videos, and more that is required in the release of a new album.

Good news though, if you are a current pledger or you pledge NOW, you will have access to the first video single, which is ONLY available to those who pledge (plus the ability to choose from tons of great goodies and extras with your pledge amount). PLEDGE NOW, before October 15th, 2018 when the clock runs out on this campaign and most importantly...Lance King's new album 'ReProgram'! Metal fan of the world unite and help him release a new "celestial metal album".

LANCE KING - 'ReProgram' Teaser #2 (Video):

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LANCE KING - "Manifest Destiny" from 'A Moment In Chiros' (2011):

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