Montreal prog death MESSORA unleash 2nd single from upcoming album ‘The Door’ (Oct.4)

In anticipation of their upcoming album "The Door", Montreal's MESSORA have released their second single ‘The Pond’. "The Door" is constantly shifting between genres, and creates a visceral atmosphere that can’t be confined to a single category, be prepared to hear death, melodic, doom and progressive elements throughout the seven tracks on the album. Looking to challenge listeners, MESSORA presents an album that requires attention and an open mind, as Zach Dean quotes: I am trying to present fans with a record that you listen to front to back and come out of feeling different. Maybe not even different, maybe just more like yourself. The album as a whole is very varied musically while remaining focused and tight. It’s very clearly a metal album but you can hear that we want to go to different places and incorporate different influences throughout the record. Most of the songs are very long and have very complicated structures and changes, but it’s always meant to feel right and musical rather than abrupt and meaningless.

Photo Credit: Vladim Vilain

Among the proggy, more experimental tracks on the album, ‘The Pond’ is an introspective and tense journey that is slower than the other offerings on the record. Dean explains: I wanted this song to be more slow, atmospheric and short that the other songs on the record, and I stuck to this idea while I was writing it. This track is very interesting to me because I didn’t think that something like this would end up on the record. It started as a 12-minute monstrosity in the same vein as The Veil and The Falling Star, but I ended up scrapping most of it and just kept about a fifth of the ideas and turned them into this more atmospheric and slow cut. The lyrics take place in the new “world” that you finally fall into after entering The Door. Any metal lover who craves proggy and dark music especially along the lines of Opeth, Psycroptic, and Gojira will find MESSORA to their liking. ‘The Pond’ is streaming via an exclusive premiere on HERE.

MESSORA - 'The Pond' (Song stream):

Upcoming Show Dates: Oct 5 - Montreal, QC - O Patro Vys (Album Release Show) Oct 12 - Sherbrooke, QC - Le Murdoch

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