6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca: Larry Fast & Synth Beginnings!

This week, Paul is joined by Larry Fast, a musician who is responsible for a great deal of the music Paul listened to in his formative years. Peter Gabriel’s 3rd and 4th solo albums are works of art and the sonic landscape is due in large part to Larry’s playing and programming. This is a very interesting look into these albums and the very beginnings of electronic and synthesizer music. Synergy, Nektar, and other music projects will be explored as well. This episode of 6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio February 11th, 2020.


  1. Peter Gabriel - Intruder

  2. Peter Gabriel - Start

  3. Peter Gabriel - I Don’t Remember

  4. Synergy - Classical Gas

  5. Synergy - Synergy

  6. Peter Gabriel - Games Without Frontiers

  7. Paul LaPlaca - Sounds of Life

  8. Paul LaPlaca - She’s So Heavy

  9. Peter Gabriel - Family and the Fishing Net

  10. Peter Gabriel - Rhythm of the Heat

  11. Peter Gabriel - I Have The Touch

  12. Peter Gabriel - San Jacinto


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