6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca: Rick Habeeb of Grey Skies Fallen

Join me tonight for some doom, gloom, despair and agony with Rick Habeeb from Grey Skies Fallen! This episode of 6 Degrees with Paul LaPlaca originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio February 18th, 2020.


  1. Spritiual Sickness - Your Return

  2. Drift Into Black - Left In The Ash

  3. Grey Skies Fallen - Cold Dead Lands

  4. Spritual Sickness - Blacken The Skies

  5. Grey Skies Fallen - Picking Up The Pieces

  6. Brave The Waters - To Be Alone

  7. Grey Skies Fallen - Tomorrow's In Doubt

  8. Grey Skies Fallen - Let Me Breathe

  9. Nevermore - Believe in Nothing

  10. Ghost Ship Octavius - Turned to Ice

  11. Grey Skies Fallen - By The Wayside

  12. Devin Townsend Project - Planet of the Apes

  13. Grey Skies Fallen - End Of My Rope

  14. Grey Skies Fallen - When Promise Lies

  15. Grey Skies Fallen - Along Came To Life


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