ABBY K Releases 'Live from the Playroom' EP with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves


CHARLOTTE, NC - Here is your ticket to ride on the rock n roll train with Abby K and her band as they bring you 'Live From The Playroom'. Calling upon her roots of rock, Abby K embraces and owns Axe's "Rock N Roll Party In The Streets", AC/DC's "Highway To Hell", Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades", and Danzig's "Mother". She handles with the passion and honor they all deserve. 'Live From The Playroom' is available for purchase now.

'Live From The Playroom'

"Rock N Roll Party In The Streets" - (Axe)

"Highway To Hell" - AC/DC

"Ace of Spades" - Motörhead

"Mother" - Danzig

"Raw, untamed emotion - that’s what rock is about. This EP, 'Live From The Playroom', perfectly embodies that. It’s a tribute to our heroes, while reminding the world that rock is far from being dead! We’re here and we’re ready to show the world that rock and roll never went anywhere!" - Crispy Borell (Guitarist)

"During COVID when all live music was cancelled, I was so excited to have this opportunity to play a livestream show. As musicians, we are finding ways to get our music to our followers, we just have to be more creative in how we do it."

Thank you to those who may have influenced or worked with. Thank you so much to my band: Crispy Borell, Johnny Zostant, Greg Dampier, and Adé Herbert." - Abby K

STREAM/DOWNLOAD "Live From The Playroom" HERE

Abby K is a 17-year-old bassist, songwriter, and singer from Mooresville, North Carolina. She has had a strong passion for music since a young age and began playing during her early teenage years. Her father greatly impacted her musical taste by exposing her to classic and hard rock early on. After attending a KISS concert and being inspired by Gene Simmons (KISS), she picked up a bass and instantly fell in love with the instrument. Abby’s music has a hard rock edge with sing-along pop choruses. If Lemmy was female, you’d have Abby K.

Abby K On Bass | Official Site


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