Belgian Metal Shredder: Belgian Heaviness (Part 3) [English]

Belgian Heaviness List Spring 2020 Part 3. We asked our fans at Belgian Metal Shredder Community to vote for the best Belgian rock & metal bands of all time. And in this final part of the trilogy we’re showing you the final 12 bands on the list. Ironborn, Drakkar, Scavenger, Serial Butcher, AmenRa, Off The Cross, King Hiss, Diablo BLVD and more! This episode of Belgian Metal Shredder On Air originally aired on Pure Rock Radio May 1st, 2020.


  1. Ironborn – Your Downfall

  2. Drakkar – Rose Hall’s Great House

  3. Scavenger – Devil’s Answer

  4. Exoto – Absolution in Death

  5. Serial Butcher- Hypovolemic Shock

  6. AmenRa – a Solitary Reign

  7. Hexa Mera – the Anthropic Principle

  8. Off the Cross – Sinnerman

  9. Poseydon – Blind Faith

  10. Scarificator - Superbia

  11. King Hiss - G.T.W.H.R.

  12. Diablo BLVD – Sing from the Gallows

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