Belgian Metal Shredder: International Women’s Day (English Version)

International Women’s Day Edition! 13 bands, all with female vocals! Classic metal (Doro), symphonic metal (Diabulus In Musica), thrash metal (Nervosa), folk metal (Arkona), black metal (Doodswens), Belgian metal (Oathbreaker, Mental Circus, Spoil Engine) and more! This episode of Belgian Metal Shredder On Air originally aired on Pure Rock Radio March 6th, 2020.


  1. Within Temptation – Mother Earth

  2. Burning Witches – Dance with the Devil

  3. Nervosa – Death!

  4. Mental Circus – Playing with Fire

  5. LoveLorn Dolls – Dead Sea

  6. After Forever – Monolith of Doubt

  7. Diabulus in Musica – The Misfit’s Swing

  8. Oathbreaker – Second Son of R.

  9. Doodswens – In de Schaduwen der Levenden

  10. Arkona – Yarilo

  11. Dalriada – Hajdútánc (Hoi Die Tant)

  12. Spoil Engine – Venom

  13. Doro – We Are The Metalheads


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