Belgian Metal Shredder: Mostly Extreme (English Version)

A primarily extreme metal episode with vicious material from Izegrim, Kriegsopfer, Deem Index,The Grief and Body Count along with Belgian savagery from acts like Aborted, Psychonaut and Chalice! Rip and tear, until it’s done! This episode of Belgian Metal Shredder On Air originally aired on Pure Rock Radio March 20th, 2020.


  1. Aborted – Gloom and the Art of Tribulation

  2. Izegrim – Victim of Honor

  3. Sinister – Dominance by Acquisition

  4. Psychonaut – The Story of Your Enslavement

  5. Chalice – Why

  6. Kriegsopfer – La Celda

  7. Deem Index – Halo

  8. The Grief – A New Dawn

  9. Stone Machine Electric – Circle

  10. Elfika – Inferno

  11. Star Inside – Reaching for the sky above

  12. A Bear Called Panda – Captain Love

  13. Body Count – Bum-Rush


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