Catch Boy Pain and the House of Pain on New Years eve for some banging Hard Rock And Metal

Nightwalkers and Moose Heads, get your ear lugs ready for Thursday 31st Dec Bit of New Years Eve Heavy Metal and Hard rock Music.

2-5 Am CST

8-11Am UK

The House of Pain and Metal Moose Radio Show on for Banging hard rock and Metal and off course the best New Breed, Underground, Up and Coming Artists kicking ass right now.

Featuring this week: Siren, Black Oxygen, Shades of Gray, Promise Down, Pretty Marc, Jamie Porter Band, HARDLAND, Concrete Kingdoms, Being "alive" is beautiful, A Joker Among Thieves, Street Lethal, Bakken, A Crime Called . . ., Ward XVI.

Playing music other stations wont, start the weekend early\m/ \m/

8am-11am UK,

2-5am CST

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