Catch Boy Pain and Metal Moose Radio Mon. 12th Oct. 8-10am MT (3-5pm BST GMT+1)

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Moose Heads, tune in this monday ( Oct 12

th ) on for your Hard Rock and

Metal Injection turning it up to 12 featuring the

NBUUCBs making waves with new releases from the

likes of: Nassau Band, Brackish Tide , Ba'al , Liquid

Therapy , Black Wolf Mountain , Perceived , Atheos ,

Nomad Anthem , Dead Earth , @jonathan.w.linton,


The Uneven , @Anything But Human, Black Lilium Jet

Fuel Chemistry, MX The American, Thrasherwolf, Four

Thirty Four, CodeRed , The Black Hounds ,

BLASPHEMER , Snipers Of Babel , J T Wright .

tune in:

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