Diabolus Templum: Elffor/Mourning Dawn/Blut Aus Nord/Csejthe & more!

Join host Holly Fox for another Diabolus Templum! Dark and brooding tunes from Elffor, Evoken, Mourning Dawn, Moongates Guardian, Misþyrming, Aeon Winds, Blut Aus Nord, Abigail Williams, Celtefog, and Csejthe! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio April 26th, 2020.


  1. Elffor - March of the Dead Souls

  2. Evoken - The Mournful Refusal

  3. Mourning Dawn - When the Sky seems to be a Flag

  4. Moongates Guardian - The Darkness dwells in Durin's Halls

  5. Misþyrming - Endalokasalmar

  6. Aeon Winds - To Embrace the Void

  7. Blut Aus Nord - The Meditant

  8. Abigail Williams - Beyond the Veil

  9. Celtefog - An Ode to Wisdom

  10. Csejthe - Conjuration

  11. Elffor - Kaosaren Profezia

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