Diabolus Templum: Fòrn/Maeskyyrn/Nott/Evilnox & more!

Join host Holly Fox for another Diabolus Templum! Dark and brooding tunes from Fòrn, Celtefog, Vattnet Viskar, Profane Order, Oakmord, Serment, Carpathian Forest, Poenarian Mist, Maeskyyrn, Storming, Nott, Funeris, Wald, Vond, Evilnox and more! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio May 24th, 2020.


  1. Fòrn - Track 1/The Ancient Wisdom of Sorrow

  2. Celtefog - She

  3. Vattnet Viskar - Weakness

  4. Profane Order - Ancient Blood

  5. Oakmord - My Eyes Reflect Only my Death

  6. Serment - Overture & Sonne

  7. Carpathian Forest - A Forest

  8. Poenarian Mist - Lullaby

  9. Maeskyyrn - Of Forests and Troubled Past

  10. Storming - Infinite Spirit Strangling Waves of Darkness

  11. Nott - Rosa Mystica

  12. Funeris - Death of a King

  13. Wald - 20

  14. Vond - Host II

  15. Evilnox - My Kingdom of Eternal Night/From the Land of Darkness

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