Diabolus Templum: The Return!

Join host Holly Fox for the return of Diabolus Templum, and the debut as a Pure Rock Radio original! Dark and brooding heavy metal, recorded live from Nova Scotia, Canada! Atmospheric Black Metal, Old School Death Metal, Funeral Doom, Dark Ambient and more! Featuring moody tunes from Nox Arcana, Emperor, Beherit, Evilfeast, Arcana, Ash Borer, Leviathan, Coldworld and many more! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio April 19th, 2020.


  1. Nox Arcana - Hall of the Witch Queen (Intro)

  2. Emperor - Witches Sabbath

  3. Beherit - Summerlands

  4. Evilfeast - Wolves of Hyperborean Frost

  5. Write to Forget - Alone under the Rain

  6. Arcana - Seductive Flame

  7. Cult of Fire - Untitled 1 and 2

  8. Ash Borer - Untitled 1

  9. Terra - 2

  10. Too Distant Moans - Those Cloudy Days

  11. MGLA - Age of Excuse 2

  12. Nott - Worthless

  13. Leviathan - Mine Molten Armor

  14. Leviathan - Travelling Over the Oceans Skull

  15. Coldworld - Soundtrack to Isolation

  16. Moon - Astral Blood

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