Diabolus Templum: Urgehal/Wormreign/Nattsvargr & more!

Join host Holly Fox for another Diabolus Templum! Dark and brooding tunes from Blood of Kingu, Urgehal, Negura Bunget, Wormreign, Clandestine Blaze, Basarabian Hills, Valiant, Nattsvargr, Windir, Witches Moon and more! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio May 17th, 2020.


  1. Blood of Kingu - Mother Hydra

  2. Urgehal - Thy Daemon Incarnate

  3. Negura Bunget - Primal Om

  4. Wormreign - Ad Vermiis / Sangvinarivm

  5. Clandestine Blaze - Tranquility of Death

  6. Basarabian Hills - Spirit of the Native Land

  7. Valiant - As Echos as Dreams

  8. Nattsvargr - The Call of Morbid Dreams

  9. Nyctophilia - Moc Prasterej Mowy

  10. The Commitee - Synthetic Organic Gods

  11. Windir - The Spiritlord

  12. Ungfell - Gottes Acker

  13. Witches Moon - Shake Me Apart

  14. Passage D'Hiver - Das Gletchertor

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