Diabolus Templum: Vlad Tepes/Tvær/Limbonic Art/Belketre and more!

Join host Holly Fox for another Diabolus Templum! Dark and brooding tunes from Moon and Azure Shadow, Black Autumn, Vlad Tepes, Tvær, The Great Old Ones, Make a Change…Kill Yourself, Myrd, Monarque, Limbonic Art, Cantique Lépreux, Belketre and Lurker of Chalice! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio May 3rd, 2020.


  1. Moon and Azure Shadow - Abyssic Lunar Tower

  2. Black Autumn - Losing the Sun

  3. Vlad Tepes - Massacre Song from the Devastated Lands

  4. Tvær - Summoning of the Old Ones

  5. The Great Old Ones - Mare Infinitum

  6. Make a Change...Kill Yourself - Shadows of a Meaningless Reality

  7. Myrd - Ingenting

  8. Monarque - Vermines

  9. Limbonic Art - Through the Vast Profundity Obscure

  10. Cantique Lépreux – Le Fléau

  11. Belketre - Night of Sadness

  12. Lurker of Chalice - 8 VIII

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