Diabolus Templum: Wolven Anscestry/Belenos/Seagullathor & more!

Join host HollyFox for another Diabolus Templum! Dark and brooding tunes from The Funeral Orchestra, Evilfeast, Windir, Wolven Anscestry, All Will Gather To the Shores, The Suns Journey Through the Night, Belenos, Hate Mediation, Obsidian Tongue, Wolves in the Throne Room and Seagullathor! This episode of Diabolus Templum originally aired Live on Pure Rock Radio June 7th, 2020.


  1. The Funeral Orchestra - Pestilential Procession / Negative Evocations

  2. Evilfeast - Winter Descents Eve...I become the journey

  3. Windir - Journey to the End

  4. Wolven Ancestry - Our Star Guided Journey

  5. All Will Gather To the Shores - Journey

  6. The Suns Journey Through the Night - Rise of the Godless Tyrant

  7. Belenos - Voyage Subliminal

  8. Hate Meditation - End Times

  9. Obsidian Tongue - Black Hole in Human Form

  10. Wolves in the Throne Room - Face in a Night Time Mirror Pt.2

  11. Seagullathor - This Fucking Pandemic Will End One Day

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