(Podcast) Gator's Rockapocalypse Dec 30 Show. Dokken, Danger Danger, Ugly Kid Joe, WASP & more!

Rockin' Wednesday! Some rockin' tunes and a whole lot of fun. If you missed the show. you can listen to it here. LIVE is always so much better though so join me every week and have some fun with me and my congregation of heathens.

Never forget that I'm LIVE and UNCENSORED every Wednesday 6-8pm EST and again on Friday from 10pm to 12am EST. If you have any questions or requests, join us in chat or check out for all of my contact info. Love you all.

See you all next week and be excellent to each other

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2. Playlist Dokken - Lesser Of Two Evils

Danger Danger - F.U.$

Ugly Kid Joe - Devil's Paradise

W.A.S.P - Wild Child

Ratt - A Little Too Much

Terra Cain - Free Man

George Lynch - Kill All Control

Eleine - Where Your Corpse Lies

Heaven & Hell - Double The Pain

Famous Underground - Corrupted

Firehouse - Somethin' Bout Your Body

Megadeth - High Speed Dirt

Iron Maiden - Death Or Glory

Epica - Deconstruct

Impellitteri - Eye Of An Angel

Ozzy Osbourne - Never

Southgang - Culture Clash City

Tuff - Put Out Or Get Out

Slik Toxik - Drained

Judas Priest - Lightning Strike

L.A. Guns - Never Enough

Dokken - Can You See

Black N' Blue - Nasty Nasty

Heathen - Dead And Gone

Tesla - Forever More

Winger - Your Great Escape

Candlebox - Bitches Brewin'

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